Gerald S. "Sandy" Graham, PsyD

Gerald S. "Sandy" Graham, PsyD
Organizational Consultant - I do not sell products, I fix businesses!

Call Dr. Gerald "Sandy" Graham - 813-481-0673 - Dr. Sandy Graham is Doctor of Psychology specializing in Performance Psychology, with an MBA in Organizational Leadership and a MS in Economics. Dr. Graham has extensive training in Organizational Psychology. Sandy blends personal experience in competitive sports with professional expertise and proven success in individual performance improvement, organizational leadership, and team management.

Dr. Graham brings over 20 years of coaching, consulting, mentoring, and leadership  expertise in developing  performance improvement solutions. He has a proven track record of success, blending performance improvement coaching focused on mastering mental skills and strategies.

Sandy holds professional memberships in the American Psychology Association (APA), and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). 

Sandy's background includes:

  • Organizational Leadership & Individual Effectiveness: Sandy has shown success with providing effective mental skills training and coaching to high school athletes, collegiate athletes and PGA professionals. He bridged his experience in sports, leadership, and team management to develop a performance improvement model for executives and managers focused on  success.
  • Business Plans & Team Development: Sandy produced business plans and established strategies for the development of companies to create organizational effectiveness, stronger leadership and profitability.  Sandy bridges sports experience and organizational business practices to maximize performance outcomes. 
  • Business Proposal During his career with a Fortune 100 Company, Sandy met organizational leadership objectives and strategic proposals generating $12 million in new business, while managing technical teams who consistently exceeded goals and expectations. 
  • Program/Project ManagementSandy co-wrote and implemented a project management methodologies which streamlined business processes decreasing corporate operating costs by over 30% within multiple Fortune 500 Companies.  

Dr. Graham's competencies include:

  • Psychology of Success
  • Performance Psychology 
  • Mental Skills & Strategies
  • Organizational Leadership & Effectiveness
  • Team Leadership