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Organizational & Personnel Assessments - Call us Today - 813-434-6018

Personality Assessments are used to increase the accuracy of behavioral prediction in a variety of contexts and settings including the workplace. Assessments appropriate to specific populations and problems are selected, administered and interpreted to identify areas of opportunity and improvement.  

There are many personality assessments. This is a list of some of the personality assessments Joseph Griffith Enterprises can perform: 

ATQ (Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire)

BFI (Big Five Inventory is based on the classic “big five” dimensions of personality)

Assessing Emotions Scale (Assesses to what extent individuals perceive, understand, regulate, and harness emotions adaptively)

Meyers Briggs (Is an introspective self-report questionnaire claiming to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions)

FIRO-B (Measures interpersonal needs on three scales: Inclusion, Control, and Affection. It is of particular value because it: Reveals how interpersonal needs drive people's behavior)

DISC (A non-judgemental tool used for discussion of people's behavioral differences)