Our Story

We Make You and Your Organization Better!

Taking the path less traveled is not the smartest way to achieve business success because the odds go way down as the path is unknown.  As a boy Joe envisioned having his own company, and as he grew older, he worked hard at every job and at every task put in front of him.  He was known to be one who was very good at solving problems, displaying innate traits of dynamic leadership.  Joe concentrated on work, and doing it better than the day before excelling at managing people and processes, focused on making people better at meeting customer needs. Joe’s attentiveness to meeting customer needs in this fashion coupled with his deep interest in organizational leadership and wanting to create his company led to his founding of Joseph Griffith Enterprises, LLC. As every opportunity came about and Joe considered how to incorporate learned new business concepts into Joseph Griffith Enterprises (JGE). 

Initially, JGE was in name and concept only while Joe perfected his ideas of what his company would be. As Joe moved from one successful opportunity to the next, he found considerable success in the casualty property insurance industry, and for close to 30 years he was well known and respected for his industry knowledge, leadership ability, and innovative solutions. As Joe gained success, the interest in advancing his knowledge of how organizations work, and how leadership moves the needle with both the employee and company in meeting organizational goals, grew propelling Joe to make the decision at 40 years of age to go college while working full time. In less than 10 years, he earned a bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management, graduating Magna Cum Laude, an MA in Organizational Leadership, and a Doctor of Psychology in Business Psychology. With business and academic success, Joe was ready to move JGE into real time. The only question was on what direction to go to begin with given his many interests and career success.

One evening the phone rang, and when Joe answered, on the line was a classmate in the Doctoral program; Dr. Sandy Graham, calling to catch up after graduation, and to talk about the possibility of working together in a consulting format.  Sandy and Joe were fierce competitors in the classroom from a cerebral perspective, as they both were highly intelligent and challenged one another. Mutual admiration lead to friendship.  The night Sandy called Joe with a proposition to work in a collaborative effort to establish a consulting business was the beginning of what has now become JGE today.  The idea of blending Sandy’s expertise in performance psychology involving cognitive methods to improve individual performance in any domain with his organizational leadership training, with Joe’s expertise in business psychology and his organizational leadership training made business sense. Their combined focus is to look at the Human Capital (people) side of an organization and create solutions to help the individual and organization become better in achieving mission, vision, and core values. 

Through proprietary programs developed by Dr. Joe and Dr. Sandy, Joseph Griffith Enterprises solves problems from a unique perspective focused on an organization’s existing work environment and culture to bring about real human capital solutions to optimize employee engagement at all management levels to meet organizational objectives. Dr. Joe and Dr. Sandy are readily available to meet with a client anywhere following a simple mission – “Help People Improve Organizational Outcomes” and they approach the mission with a clear vision “Provide strategic direction for all aspects of business operations through assessments, process improvements, business consulting, personal coaching, and optimization of organizational strategies to deliver consistent bottom line results.”  At the end of the day they care about successful outcomes for their clients.